Friday, September 26, 2014

(Opinion) Simple Sucks! It is time for a new bank.

First of all, this is an opinion piece, meaning all of the statements in this article are my own personal opinions of my experiences.

I am really frustrated with my bank right now.  I signed up for a bank account from Simple <> back in March, and I have had issues since the beginning.

"Simple"ly put: Simple is the worst bank I have ever had!

I have attached a PDF to this article that has all of the tickets (or conversations as they call them) that I have opened with them.  Some are still open so I will try and update the PDF as the ticket gets updated.
Note: Just to be clear, references to "insufficient funds" mean that the available balance was not high enough to cover the scheduled payment, NOT that my account was $0.00 or negative.

Hopefully after reading my experiences, you will take my advice and avoid Simple like the plague.

--Anthony R.

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