Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So, I should probably explain a little bit about my previous post concerning the movie producer's emails.  I have been getting them for a long time now and I get them for almost everything (iTunes, movie production notes, script pitches, something about the transportation system in London, and even an official invitation to the Golden Globes post-show celebration).  At first I would politely forward them along, noting at the top of each one that he needs to verify his email with whoever sent them.  But, they kept coming, so I sent him an email one day stating that I would no longer be forwarding them to him, but instead I would be deleting them without notifying him.  He acknowledged it, yet I still continue to receive these emails and most look very important.  So what should I do? 

Start trolling them.  I will try to post on here my exploits as I continue with this social engineering project and see what I can get out of it for my troubles.  Wish me luck!

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